How Long Is The Rental Contract Term?

The contract term is for 36 months. After paying 36 auto-payments, in addition to your initial down payment, the contract will be paid in full and you will own the instrument.


 When Will My Automatic Payment Start?

Your automatic payment will start on the 5th of the following month and continue until the instrument is paid in full, or the instrument is returned.


 Can I return My Instrument?

Absolutely! You can return the instrument and cancel your auto-payments at any time.  Your prior payments will not be refunded.


 My child has decided to play a different instrument. What do I do?

Our rentals allow for one "change of instrument" during the rental contract. If you decide to change your instrument, the payments you have already made will transfer over to the cost of your new instrument. You will be required to fill out a new rental contract at that time.


 Can I pay off my rental contract early?

Yes! At any point during the rental contract you may "buy out" the contract at a discount price of 10% lower than the remaining balance. A great way to save money and time!


 What is the total amount my rental will cost?

Your total amount is the retail price of the instrument plus a monthly maintenance fee which is built into your monthly payment. The maintenance ranges from $2-$9 depending on the instrument type you are renting.