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Affordable - Choose from new or used instruments at great introductory rates!

Reliable - Our rental program is time tested and approved!

Easy Payments - Automatic billing - No more mailing monthly checks!

Easy Exchanges - Easily switch instruments if you child changes their mind!

Easy Returns - All rentals are returnable at any time!


 About Our Rental Program

At Yandas Music, we understand the importance of supporting the music programs of our local schools. To that end, we have crafted our band / orchestra instrument rental program with one thought in mind:

"To provide every child with the desire to learn music - an instrument to do so!"

It is essential for beginning students to have easy access to quality instruments. Having an instrument that plays well is a huge factor in determining the musical success of that student. As such, all of our rental instruments, both new and used, are checked over and certified by our technicians. We only offer quality brands from reputable companies such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Amati's, Mapex, and more. 

 How It Works.

Rental Program: Our rental program features a 36 month "Rent-To-Own" contract. You will make automatic monthly payments based off of the retail price of the instrument. At the end of the 36 months, the instrument will be paid in full and is yours to own.

Introductory Period: The initial introductory payment is a one time reduced payment that covers the first 30 days of the rental. During this time, your student may "try out" the instrument before monthly rent-to-own payments begin. If the student decides that the instrument is not for him/her, it may be returned at any time. Monthly payments will automatically begin after the introductory period is over.

Easy Returns: You may return your instrument and cancel your monthly payments at any time. Prior payments will not be refunded.

Instrument Swap: If your student decides to play a different instrument, or wants to "step up" to better instrument,  you can do a one time instrument swap with no extra fees. Any prior payments made will be rolled over to the new instrument. Your monthly payment may change depending on the retail price of the new instrument.

Contract Buyout: Your child loves music and is determined to stick with it? That's awesome! You may "buyout" your contract at any time and receive a 10% reduction on your remaining balance. 

Maintenance & Cleaning: Your monthly payment includes a maintenance fee. This fee covers general maintenance on the instrument to keep it playing its best. Services include general cleaning, a once-per-year chemical bath(on brass instruments), adjustments, pad replacement, and any other maintenance needs that may arise from proper use of the instrument. This fee does not cover damage from mishandling or improper use of the instrument. 

Interest Free!: Our goal is to get quality instruments to as many students as possible. We do not charge any interest or finance charges on our rentals. Your monthly payment is based solely on the retail price of the instrument, plus a monthly maintenance fee.
 Rental Requirements:

There are a few things you will need to complete an instrument rental:

We understand that some customers may have unusual circumstances that require special accommodation. We are happy to work with you to the best of our ability. Give us a call if you have any questions. 1-308-234-1970